Earth Defense Force 2025 trailer

The EDF is back to save humanity from the threat of giant space bugs once again.

I’ve been a big fan of the EDF series since Earth Defence Force 2017 on the Xbox 360. While I never got to play previous entries of the series (due to them never making it over to North America)that has not stopped me from pledging my allegiance to the EDF and help defend Earth from space bugs and giant robots. I think the reason so many people love the EDF is that the games put us in the perspective of the soldiers in movies like Godzilla and other 50’s style B sci-fi movies. I mean there are a ton of games that cast players as monsters and have them go on a rampage, why not make a game that shows the other side of the fight? Anyways, the EDF is remobilizing as a brand new game is set to release next month. D3 Publisher and Namco Bandai have release a gameplay trailer that has the bugs on the loose and shows off the four classes in action:

I have to say that the graphics are a major improvement from 2017. It also looks like that the bugs also got a face lift as well. Well no matter, no bug or alien is too strong for the might of a four player co-op team of EDF troops. I just wish that this was on the PS4/Xbox One rather than on last gen consoles. Oh well, I’m still planing to pick this up and you should too. The game will be seeing a February 18 release here in North America and February 21 in the EU. 


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