Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable gets release date

Giant space bugs, robots and monsters vs an army straight out of a Kaiju movie can mean only one thing: a new Earth Defense Force game is being release.
More specifically, Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for the Vita. It was announced back in October that EDF 2017 would see a North American release pretty soon. On the Playstation Blog yesterday, the release date was revealed. January 8, 2013 will be the day that Vita owners will be able to feel like they are in a Kaiju movie and help defend Earth from monsters, space bugs, robots and more. Unfortunately it will be a digital release only and not a physical retail release. But hey, a digital release is better than no release am I right? I may be giving this a look over if the price is right. For now here’s a trailer of what you can expect to see in EDF 2017 Portable:

And just for laughs, here’s an over the top live action trailer for the game. It has a Super Sentai/ Kamen Rider feel to it:


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