E3 2017: Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin trailer


Weeks before the start of E3 2017, Sony announced that they were going to be showing off a lot more Japanese developers at the show. Which is great for gamers and fans such as myself since I really enjoy seeing what “weird and strange” games are heading to the West. One of those games happens to be a side scrolling crafting/farming simulator called Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, published by XSEED Games. Here is the trailer that XSEED is showing of at the show:



The story of the is as follows:

It’s the Warring States period. The unending strife and bloodshed that engulfs Japan fills the mortal realm with hatred and despair. These powerful emotions are felt even in the heavens, and demons that feed on this malice appear in droves in places situated on the border between heaven and earth. A group of humans, each of whom has lost something precious, wanders into the celestial realm. There they meet Sakuna, a proud and high-ranking harvest goddess. Together, the humans and Sakuna cause a ruckus that earns them the ire of the celestial ruler. The ruler exiles them to Hinoe Island, a sacred place that has become overrun with demons, and commands them to reclaim it. Sakuna and her companions must fight against both the elements and monsters in a harsh yet beautiful environment. Having grown up in the luxury of the celestial realm, Sakuna must rediscover her birthright as a harvest goddess and bring agriculture back to this wild place. And by helping her, the humans banished with her may yet find the reason to live that had been stolen from them. Together, Sakuna and her human companions must join hands and tame both the soil and the demons of Hinoe Island.

The game looks rally beautiful in motion and kind of reminds me of Muramasa with its combat and art style. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is set for a 2018 release on the PS4 and PC.


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