E3 2017: Monster Hunter World trailer


For the past couple of years the Monster Hunter franchise has made its home various Nintendo consoles, with a new one coming for the Switch. Most forget that the franchise originated on the PS2 and then moved on to the PSP. Though the franchise would get releases on the PS3 Xbox 360 and PC, those releases were limited to Japan only. About a week ago, Capcom filed a trademark for a game called Monster Hunter World. Many assumed that this was the Switch version, but this was not the case since earlier in May Nintendo announced that the Switch would get an enhanced version of the 3DS game, Monster Hunter XX only in Japan so far. During the Playstation E3 2017 presser, it was revealed that Monster Hunter World was indeed coming to the PS4 and showed off the following trailer:



It seems that Monster Hunter World will be returning to its more realistic aesthetic that was found in the original PS2 and PSP games. The PS4 isn’t the only place that the game will be popping up. In a press release sent out by Capcom after the premier of the trailer that the game will also be releasing on the Xbox One and PC. Monster Hunter World has a set release date of Early 2018.


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