E3 2017: Kingdom Hearts III trailer


Final Fantasy wasn’t the only major franchise that was shown at E3 2017. Kingdom Hearts III made an appearance this week after having gone dark since its last trailer that was shown off in 2015 during JUMP FEST 2016. This latest trailer shows off more gameplay elements as Sora, Donald and Goofy battle the Heartless in the Hercules world:


It seems that Sora and friends encounter whats left of Organization XIII as in the trailer the trio encounter Xemans and Ansem  and Xemans questions Sora on why does he want to save Roxas even thought he was to have existed in the first place. Organization XIII aren’t the only ones up to no good, as we see the return of Pete and Maleficent. They visit Hades and she asks of him about a small black box. Could she possibly mean Pandora’s Box? In any case the game looks great in motion and it seems that we will be getting more info about the game as Square Enix announced that they will be revealing more at the D23 Expo next month.


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