E3 2016: Mafia III trailer




Its been a while since we’ve heard about Take-Two’s other crime simulator, the Mafia series. While I do like the modern criminal exploits of Grand Theft Auto, there’s something about the underworld of the mafia that always intrigued me. Now the family is back together in Mafia III and takes a trip down south to the bayou New Orleans inspired city of New Bordeaux where you plays as Lincon Clay. However instead of joining the mafia just like in the previous games, you are on a mission to hunt the family that is responsible for killing your friends and leaving you for dead. As you cans see from the trailer that was released at E3 today, Mafia III seems to be taking a few pages from Rockstar’s storytelling play book:



Its going to be pretty interesting to see how Mafia III handles an historically charged year being that it will take place during the mid-70’s at the height of the Vietnam War and where racism in the South was strong. I guess we’ll just have to wait till October 7, 2016, as that is the date when the game releases.


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