E3 2016: Death Stranding trailer



After Hideo Kojima left Konami, everyone wondered what was next for the Metal Gear creator. Was he going to take a break like most game developers do in the West when they leave a company? Was he going to finally realize his dream of becoming a film director? Did he even want to develop games anymore? In December 2015 when he revealed that Kojima Productions is now an independent studio and will be working with Sony on an exclusive game for the PS4. First there was an icon tease of his new logo. Then came a fully rendered image of the logo. And now during Sony’s E3 2016 press conference a trailer was revealed, showing off the name of the new game and the star:


His new game is called Death Stranding and will star Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus. I know most will say do not get hype for a game that you know nothing about. That is true, but you can’t help but get hype; it’s Kojima and he’s free to be as weird as he wants. The game has no set release date as of yet but one thing is sure: Kojima is back once again pushing the boundaries of gaming.


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