E3 2015: Mass Effect Andromeda trailer

When the space epic known as Mass Effect came to an end in 2012, many wondered how would the series continue, or if it would continue at all. For the past few years, there were plenty of rumors and speculations as to how the series would continue: a prequel? A interquel? A midquel? Or how about a side story not about Shepard? All was answered at EA’s press conference yesterday as developer Bioware was on hand to show the very first trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda:



Although Shepard might be long gone, the Systems Alliance still wants to further mankind’s influence in space. So it seems that they have sent a new agent to the Andromeda galaxy to explore and colonize. There are a few problems though that I have about the trailer. One of them is wrap drive. If I remember correctly the human race does not have warp capability. For long distance travel they depend on the mass effect relays. However the relays were destroyed in Mass Effect 3, leaving many races stuck. Have the humans finally discovered warp drive? Or have the mass effect relays been repaired? Either way I can not wait to learn more when the game comes out next year.


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