E3 2015: Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer

Ghost Recon has always been one of my favorite games from the Tom Clancy franchise. From their use of future technology to creed of never being seen, Ghosts are a terrorist worse nightmare. After taking last year off, the Ghost are back once again to show that they are very good at what they do in a new game called Ghost Recon Wildlands. During their press release on Monday, Ubisoft has released a gameplay trailer showing the Ghosts in action:



So it seems that the Ghosts have drop the future tomorrow tech in favor of more modern current tech and good old fashion knowledge of the environment. This kind of harkens back to the older Ghost Recon games where they operated mostly in jungle environments. I do like the fact that there are multiple ways of completing the mission in a very seemly open world. Help the Ghost take down the narco runner when the game releases in late 2016.


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