E3 2014: Trailer for Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain released early (UPDATE)


Its the first day of E3 and it seems that someone at Konami might have jumped the gun. Early this morning the E3 trailer for Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain was leaked. To be more precise, the trailer was uploaded to the Konami You Tube page early. So here is the trailer that Kojima himself said that most people will find difficult to watch:




As a Metal Gear Solid fan, all I have to say is wow. When I watched this trailer my mouth was agape the whole time. Questions rushed through my mind, as the song Nuclear by Mike Oldfield played through. And once it was done, I replayed it again. There is so much information to discus and dissect that it will need a separate post. So be on the watch for that. Something tells me that we’ll be seeing a longer trailer soon, due to the fact that a red band trailer was released for Phantom Pain right after the first reveal trailer.


(UPDATE) Konami has finally caught on to the video going up early and has started sending out content claims for the video. When the official does go live, this post will be updated to show the updated video.


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