E3 2014: Thanks to “Sally” Grim Fandango is coming to PS4 and Vita


During the Sony E3 press conference Adam Boyes, who is head of 3rd party publisher relations, read a few letter from fans. These letters ranged from making requests to bring back older games to thanking Sony for all great years of gaming. One of the letters was from a very special girl named “Sally”:




Thanks to “Sally”, one of Tim Schafer’s most popular games, Grim Fandango will be making its way to the PS4 and the Vita. At first I was confused when Boyes mentioned that this was possible due to Sony’s relationship with Disney. Then I realized that a majority of Tim’s early games before Double Fine were with LucasArts and all of Lucas properties are now owned by Disney now. Without Sony’s involvement I don’t think Grim Fandango would have seen the light of day since LucaArts has been shut down. When the announcement was made, another video was released on Double Fine’s You Tube channel. This video is a short retrospective of Grim Fandango and how Tim and team worked on the game so many years ago:



I know that a lot of PC fans are clamoring for a PC version of the game, and it makes sense. Grim Fandango is an iconic PC game of the late 90’s-00’s. And even with the resurgence of adventure games coming back, at the end of the day all that matter is sales. I’m guessing that if the game sells well enough that Disney will consider bringing the game to other platforms, which includes PC. Until then if you want to see Grim Fandango on other platforms, be sure to support the PS4/Vita versions.


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