E3 2014: Sony to bring over Vita TV as Playstation TV this Fall 2014


During last year’s Tokyo Game Show, I reported on a new console that Sony was going to launch in the Asian market called the Playstation Vita TV or Vita TV for sort. It kinda looked like this:




If this product looks familiar, it should> Sony announced during their E3 press conference that the Vita TV (now re-branded as Playstation TV) will be making its way to the West this Fall 2014. Here is the trailer that was shown during E3 for the new system:




Now sporting a stylish matte black color, the Playstation TV is being heavily advertised as a companion system for the PS4 due to its remote play function. It is also will be able to stream movies and music and eventually Playstation TV will be compatible with Playstation Now. There will be two SKUs coming out this Fall2014: one price at $99 with just the Playstation TV and the other priced at $130, which comes with a PS3 controller, an 8GB memory card and a copy of The Lego Movie game.


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