E3 2014: Rainbow Six makes a return in Rainbow Six Siege


When Rainbow Six Patriot was shown off at last year’s E3, Ubisoft was going in a very heavy story driven direction. Two trailers were shown, one was a group of armed “militia” who stormed a banking center and took out a board member. The second trailer had the same “militia” invade the home of a wealthy stock broker and took him and his family hostage. Rainbow Six is called in to rescue the man as the “militia” seize control of a bridge but then are taken out. The trailer ends with R6 having to throw the man over the bridge due to having a bomb with a dead man switch strapped on him and about to detonate. Personally I was excited that the games were finally about as serious and intense as the books. But then they scraped it because it look too much like Call of Duty. So for this year’s E3 they showed of gameplay of another Rainbox Six game, Rainbow Six Siege:




While it may not have the real world political drama that Patriot was attempting, Siege does keep what made the Rainbow Six games fun; tactical planing. Being able to choose an entry point, using surveillance drones to scout the area and breaching through points of contact, this is what the original gamer were about and its good to see that they are still in Siege. Rainbow Six Siege will see a 2015 release.


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