E3 2014: Gameplay of Call of Duty Advance Warfare revealed at Microsoft press conference


We all know that Call of Duty would make an appearance at Microsoft’s press conference in one form or another. This year is the start of the three year/three studio rotation of the CoD series and Sledgehammer’s first CoD game. We haven’t seen much of Call of Duty Advance Warfare when it was first announced, but during Microsoft’s press conference Activison and Sledgehammer showed off a nine minuet gameplay demo:




Drop pods, exoskeleton battle suits, jump jets, smart rocket grenades, cloaking devices, oh my. When Activision said that this CoD was looking towards advance warfare, they really meant it and then some. Some of the tech on display might look fictional, but in reality they are currently in the prototype stage of development. Either way Call of Duty Advance Warfare looks to be a bit hit when it releases on November 4, 2014.


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