E3 2012: Zone of the Enders HD opening animation

Another game that Kojima talked about was the Zone of the Enders HD collection, which will be releasing on the 360 and the PS3 this October and sometime later on for the Vita. While it didn’t get a new trailer perse, Kinami did release a new video for it.
 The video that Konami did put up was a new opening for the game. The opening was animated by world renowned anime studio Sunrise. Sunrise is responsible for many shows but is most known for the Gundam series. Here’s the new opening that they animated for ZOE HD:

I’ve mentioned that I highly approved of HD version of past PS2 games and Konami is sure to make some new fans with ZOE HD. Like I said, the game is set to come out this October and will have a demo for Metal Gear Rising packed in.


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