E3 2012: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance trailer

Continuing on with the early release trailers comes a few from Konami. The first one was reveled during Spike’s GT TV’s pre-E3 special and at Konmai’s pre-show broadcast. That trailer is none other than Metal Gear Rising Revengance.
As silly as the title sounds, the joint development of the game by Platinum Games and Kojima Productions isn’t. Sure there will be the humor and convoluted plot twists that the Metal Gear games are know for, but now are infused with the fast action pace of Platinum Games’ trademark action. Take a look at the game trailer below if you have any doubts about that:

The game looks awesome and the new look of Raiden should have fans excited, or at least happy that he’s not MGS2 Raiden. The game is set to come out in early 2013 and a demo will be bundled in with the ZOE HD release.


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