E3 2015: Kingdom Hearts III trailer

As fans recover from the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement, Square Enix also brought along a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. This is the first time since the game’s 2013 E3 reveal that the game has been shown off. So without further ado, the Kingdom Hearts III E3 2015 trailer:



In the trailer we are shown two new character that seem to playing some form of chess while talking about the Keyblade War. After their brief conversation the trailer then cuts to Sora, Goofy and Donald as they are exploring and encountering new forms of Heartless in a brand new area inspired by the 3D animated movie Tangled. Sora has gain new Keyblade powers and some new magic attacks in the form of Disney rides. Every looks so crisp and colorful  thanks to the power of the Unreal 4 Engine. As the trailer ends we see the two characters from the beginning again as they talk about darkness and light and how light will stop the dark. Kingdom Hearts III is in production right now, but I think it may get pushed back a year due to the fact that its director Tetsuya Nomura, will also be directing the Final Fantasy VII Remake.


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