Dragon’s Dogma to soar this May, shipped with Resident Evil 6 demo

Capcom’s other surprise game, Dragon’s Dogma, finally gets a firm release date and a very special bonus for those who buy the 360 version.

It was announced early this morning that Dragon’s Dogma finally received a confirmed release date. The date gamers can expect this new ip from Capcom is May 22, 2012. Now as for the special bonus, those who pick up the 360 version of Dragon’s Dogma will get access to the Resident Evil 6 demo a full two months early. PS3 owners will have the access to the demo September 3, 2012.

In addition to this incentive to pre-order, the usual slew of DLC pre-order bounses are as follows:
GameStop will be offering the Pawn Upgrade Pack, which will give Rift Crystals to players allowing them to level up their Pawns from the start.
Best Buy will give out the Armor Upgrade Pack, which is basically upgraded high level armor.
And Amazon will give out the Weapon Upgrade Pack, which similar to Best Buy, is upgraded high level weapons.
From what I’ve seen so far from trailers including the newest one (which you can see below), chalk this as another Capcom game that has my interest.


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