Dragon’s Dogma Developer Diaries #1: Meet the team

In a few weeks, players will be able to go on an incredible journey that will lead them all over the countryside in search of a dragon that literally stole your heart in Dragon’s Dogma. But before then, hear how this epic tale was formed from the developers in the developers’ diaries, starting with meeting the team.

In the first developer diary we are introduced to some of the team that went into creating Dragon’s Dogma. This team includes Hiroyuki Kobayashi who was the producer on games such as Resident Evil 4, Killer 7, Devil May Cry 4 and is the producer for the upcoming Resident Evil 6; director Hideaki Itsuno who was the director for Devil May Cry 2, 3 & 4, and surprisingly he was the director for numerous Capcom fighting games such as Street Fighter Alpha 1 and 3, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Power Stone 1 & 2, and various others; lead artist Diago Ikeno was the character designer for games such as Street Fighter IV and SSFIV, Devil May Cry 3, and various other promotional illustrations; designer Makoto Ikehara who was the creator of the Breath of Fire series, scenario writer for Mega Man Legends, and worked on a numerous of Capcom games; and a staff of 150 talented people who have worked on Capcom games since the days of the SNES.  Hear how Kobayyashi, Itsuno and the rest of the team helped create this massive game of epic proportions:
If you haven’t gathered by now, this isn’t just some new property/IP that Capcom created with a young team. This is a game that his being headed by several of Capcom’s senior staff that have worked on numerous of Capcom games ranging from Breath of Fire from the SNES and Resident Evil on the PSOne to Resident Evil 4 on GameCube/PS2 and Devil May Cry 4 on the HD consoles. This is a mix up of Capcom’s works of the past and the present, melding together to make a fantasy adventure that Itsuno and crew have been wanting to make forever. And it shows. In the second diary the team explains a bit of the story and some of the mechaincs that will be used to battled the various mythological beasts that inhabit the world of Dragon’s Dogma.  


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