Dragon’s Dogma demo inbound next week

In a press release Capcom sent out, they have announced that there will be a demo for Dragon’s Dogma out on the 24th on XBL and PSN in North America and on the 25th for Europe. The demo will cover two different sections of the game using two different customizable classes and three customizable Pawns.

The first is a prologue quest set before the main events of the game. You take on the class of a Fighter, a melee specializing in attacks and counter attack, and your three pawns must face off against the mythical and deadly Chimera:

The next section takes place in the open plains that surround the capital city of Gransys. As you and your Pawns go off to investigate was seems to be your typical goblins causing trouble on the main road, a loud screech is heard from above. As you and the Pawns look up, a Griffin comes crashing down ready to pick your party up as a tasty snack:

As you can clearly see in both videos, hacking n’ slashing the monsters isn’t going to be enough to take them down. You have to work together with your Pawns, coming up with on the fly tactics to combat the beasts. These range from having range weapons and spell casters attack from a far while you and the third go in, one attacking from the front distracting the Chimera while you climb on its back, to having two having range attackers shooting at the Griffon while the third sets to vault you up to the beast to slice its wings.
The demo will also include the game’s in-depth character creation tools that can be used right before the Griffon battle. Here you can design how your character and the Pawns will look and skill sets. As an added bonus, you can take you customer character and Pawns and transfer them over to the retail version of Dragon’s Dogma when it releases on May 22th.


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