Dragon Age 3 Inquisition receives new trailer and launch date



I think that out of all of the RPG franchises that Bioware ¬†has developed over the years, my favorite one would have to be the Dragon Age franchise. I love the books, the comics, the anime film that was made and of course Origins and even DA 2. When I first heard about a third game being developed, I was excited to see where Bioware was going to take the series and how they were going to possibly end it. That ending came in the form of Dragon Age 3 Inquisition. We still don’t have a lot of information about the game, other than a few bits and ends over the past year or so. But now we have at least a release date, and quite possibly some main quest story elements. First off, Dragon Age 3 Inquisition (from here on out will be referred to Dragon Age Inquisition or just Inquisition) will see a release date of October 7, 2014 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC via EA’s Origin. As for the story elements, a new trailer was release using in game footage. In this trailer we have the new hero, The Inquisitor, being questioned by Chantry Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast and we also see other characters from previous games show up:



As cool as the trailer looks, I do have a couple of questions. If I saw correctly, the Grey Warden and Hawk are both in the last shot that has several characters teaming with the Inquisitor. How did they get there? The ending to both of the previous two games never said where they disappeared to, only that they vanished.  Hopefully when E3 rolls around in June we get some kind of explanation.


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