DmC Definitive Edition launch trailer out, also teases Devil May Cry 4 re-release

When DmC Devil May Cry  was revealed, there was a ton of hate towards the game even before it was released. A new Dante, a new team, fans were crying betrayal on Capcom’s part for chamging and destroying such an iconic character. Once the game came out, DmC managed to convert a few fans over. Personally I liked DmC. Sure it took awhile to get used to Dante’s new look, but he was still the snarky, wise-ass, demon slayer we all loved. Now you can enjoy the game once again in 1080p HD with 60fps with the DmC Definitive Edition that just launched today for the PS4 and Xbox One. A trailer was released showing of the game in its new resolution and at the end gives a quick tease to a HD version of DMC4:



The game of course is at 1080p and runs at 60fps. It also comes packaged will all the DLC that was released and other fixes that were needed in the last gen version are applied here. It also seems that there will be an HD version of Devil May Cry 4 coming this summer. Hopefully more info will be revealed about is and hopefully leads to an PS4/Xbox One collection of the first three games.


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