Dark Rose Valkyrie to see Western release in 2017



This past Friday Idea Factory International held their annual press event and annoucend several new games that they will be bring to Western gamers in 2017. One of those games is Dark Rose Valkyrie from Idea Factory and Compile Heart. The game takes place in 1929, a meteorite crashed on Earth and released a virus that transformed people into inhuman creatures called Chimeras. During the early stages of this Chimera Virus, it has devastated at least 3% of the world’s population. In order to stave off the virus, Japan became a closed nation and created a military organization called ACID to combat the virus. A few years later, they create a special unit with ACID called Special Force Valkyrie, in which players are put in the role as the leader. Their mission is to eradicate the virus that plagues humanity once and for all. IF and Compile released a teaser trailer that shows off how the game looks and how it plays:



Some of the key points that IF highlights are as follows:

  • Take the fight into Overdrive! Characters can transform into their stronger split personalities mid-battle, but be strategic – too many transformations will lead to Fatigue!
  • Customize Combos! Customize attacks for each character, and do more damage with Riot Combos!
  • A Traitor Amongst You Depending on your choices, one team member will betray you. Find the traitor in visual-novel style interrogation sequences, and change the game’s ending!

The game features the work of “Tales of” scenario writer Takumi Miyajima and “Tales of” character designer Kosuke Fujishima. So if you happen to be a fan of the Tales of franchise, you can expect a story with lots of emotion and really great art. The game is set for a Spring 2017 release.


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