Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair confirmed for a Western release in September


When the first Dangnronpa first came out last year, at first I thought that it wouldn’t get that much attention from gamers because it was based on a series that so far no one has heard about. Then the anime came out around the same time as the Vita release and people were hooked. A mix of Phoenix Wright gameplay with a story/plot that took inspiration from Battle Royale mixed with a really unique art style, what’s not to like. The first Danganronpa did so well that NIS America is bringing the sequel to the West this September. Titled Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair, the sequel see the return of Monokuma as he terrorize a new class of students on their class trip to a tropical island. And with that annoucement comes a new trailer for the game showing off the new class of students:




With a new class and a new location what does Monokuma have in store? I suppose we’ll all find out when the game releases this September 2 for North America and September 3 for Europe. And if you get the chance and already played the first Danganronpa, watch the anime, its pretty good.


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