Crossy Road Review

Kon’nichiwa fellow gamers, geeks, and nerds. Today is Game Review day. Now normally I would do a console or PC game, but I want to try something different. Lately I have been addicted to a mobile game called ‘Crossy Road’! Let’s go go go!!

Crossy Road is a mobile app game that’s available on Google Play for Android and Apple iTunes App store. Now in this game you start off as a little chicken and your goal is to get as far across the road, river, grass, and train tracks as you can without dying. Think Frogger but with different little characters and not so pixilated. You play as several unlockable characters from chickens and frogs to zombies and the Dark Lord. Swipe the screen to move left or right or back and tap to move forward. You do have to overcome a few obstacles like boulders, trees, speeding cars and trucks, and unnecessarily fast trains.

Along the way you collect coins that help unlock characters. Now I loved Frogger as a kid. It was fun and oddly addictive given its simplicity. The graphics in this mobile game are freaking awesome! It has a pixely, 8-bit feel to it, but smoother. Just like Frogger its simplicity makes it addictive and fun to play. I won’t lie to you guys though I’ve had a few rage quit moments with this friggin game! Never the less I keep on playing!

Developers took 12 weeks working on this bad boy and believe me it’s worth it! The games free-to-play model was actually based on the one for Dota 2. According to developer Matt Hall, Crossy Road drew inspiration from Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Disco Zoo, Flappy Bird, Skylanders, Tiny Wings, FEZ, and yes FROGGER!

Overall I give this crazy little game an 7/10.  -SakuraSenpai


Developers: Hipster Whale

Publishers: Hipster Whale, Yodo

Platforms: Android, iOS

Genre: Arcade

Mode: Single player


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