Criminal Girls: Invite Only gets paroled this Feburary 2015

I remember when I first heard about Criminal Girls when it was released in Japan on the PSP. My first though was “There is no way this game will see the light of day in the West”. Then NISA goes and proves me wrong by announcing that the game will be the game will see a release in the West as Criminal Girls: Invite Only for the Vita. For those who don’t remember what the fuss was about with Criminal Girls: Invite Only, here is the trailer for the game as a refresher:



Now that the year is almost over, NISA has announced the release date (or parole date if you will) for the game: February 3, 2015 for North America and February 6, 2015 for Europe. The game will have a physical and digital release and will have a limited edition sold on the NISA online store.



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