Corpse Party Blood Drive to haunt North America this Fall

I’m not that big of a fan of horror video games, but there is one series that I do like and have played over and over and that’s the Corpse Party series. Corpse Party is a series of games that revolve around a haunted school called Heavenly Host Elementary. The school was home to gruesome murders of its staff and students. Several years later the school was torn down and a high school, Kisaragi Academy, was built on top. It is here on the night of the school’s final day of a festival that a couple students perform what seems to be an innocent friends forever  ritual for a fellow friend who will be moving away in the next semester. As they perform the ritual, they are suddenly transported to Heavenly Host Elementary by a sinister force. I’m going to end it right there, since I think its better for everyone to experience the games themselves. Now, however it seems that the events of what happened at Heavenly Host haunt one of the survivors as she feels the urge to go back. Again I am leave much of the story out because the games need to be experience, especially this one that just got set up:



Corpse Party Blood Drive returns players to Heavenly Host Elementary for one final scare and this time around explore the school in gruesome 3D environment. Just trust me when I say, be prepared to be scared this Fall when the game comes out.


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