Capcom shows off their line up of playable games for E3 2014


E3 is just mere days away and developers are starting to share what games will be playable on the show floor this year. Capcom joined in and shared what games will be playable at their booth this year through a press release. Here are the games that will be playable at Capcom’s booth, along with their trailers:


Dead Rising 3 (PC)




The Xbox One’s open world zombie killing game escapes on over to the PC this Summer. PC gamers will be able to download Dead Rising 3 off of Steam globally while European gamers have an option to buy the game at retail. As per usual for PC games on Steam, Dead Rising 3 will have Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Steam Trading Cards, global leaderboards and full game controller support. The game also supports keyboard and mouse and allows for easy transfer to each configuration.



Monster Hunter 4 (3DS)




Capcom’s ever popular Monster Hunter franchise returns to the 3DS with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. New and seasoned hunters will find out that many new features await them such as:

  • New weapons classes; the Insect Glaive and the Charge Blade
  • More vertical environments
  • Dynamic terrain changes
  • New areas
  • Improved online functions

And much more. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is set to launch in 2015.


Monster Hunter Freedom Unit iOS (iOS devices)




In more Monster Hunter related news, remember a few posts back when I said that I said I didn’t think that Monster Hunter for iOS would come over to the West? Well it looks like I was way wrong as Capcom will be bringing the iOS game, now re-branded as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite to all iOS devices.  New to the game are updated HD graphics, touch controls, the ability to use compatible gamepads, and wi-fi mulitplayer. The game launches on the app store in Summer 2014 and should give fans something to keep them busy till MH4.




HOLD IT! Last but not least, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney has had a pretty exciting journey. Being tried for a crime he didn’t commit, battling the brilliant Professor Layton, and even coming out of retirement in Dual Destinies. Now see where it all begin with the Ace Attorney Trilogy:


The Ace Attorney Trilogy brings together all three games from the Phoenix Wright trilogy together for the first time in one package.  In this trilogy, fans can expect to see HD re-drawn graphics, the Japanese versions of the games, and 3D support. The Ace Attorney Trilogy will be ready for trial Winter 2014.


Keep in mind that this is only a list of games that Capcom will have playable at their booth. This is not a list of what they will be showing off on their stream.


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