Capcom releases newest trailer for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, reveals release date and several editions


It’s been a couple of months since Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was revealed at the Playstation Experience last year and fans have been clamoring for more information about the game. Like who else will be in it, will it there be X-Men characters, has Capcom learned from the backlash that Street Fighter V received when it release and so on. With only two months till E3, everyone thought that Capcom would make a reveal at that time. Imagine the surprise on fans faces when they saw that Capcom released the first story trailer for the game months ahead of E3. Here’s what Capcom released:



In the trailer we can see that the main villians for the game will be Ultron from the Marvel side and Sigma from the Capcom side. From what has been shown it seems that the two fused together to form Ultron Sigma. The trailer also shows revealed more characters that will be joining the fight against Ultron Sigma. They are as follows:

• Hulk
• Thor
• Hawkeye
• Rocket Raccoon
• Chun-Li
• Strider Hiryu
• Chris Redfield

So its safe to say that Capcom has really brought the hype for the game. But the hype doesn’t stop there as Capcom revealed that the game is coming out sooner that thought on September 19, 2017. They also revealed a $200 deluxe edition of the game that gives players the a character season pass, alt. outfits, four character statues (Mega Man X and Chun Li representing Capcom and Iron Man and Captain Marvel representing Marvel), a steel book case for the game and a small case that house replicas of the Infinity Stones. Here is an image of what everything looks like:



As a person who is a sucker for fancy deluxe editions of games that come wit exclusive physical collectibles, the MVCI deluxe edition looks awesome and I can’t wait. Capcom has said that there will be another trailer releasing this week that will show off the gameplay in action and we can expect to see even more at E3 in a couple of months.


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