Capcom releases new Breath of Fire 6 anime trailer and screenshots

Remember about a year or so ago Capcom announced that they were going to bring back the Breath of Fire series back? And remember the the big black-lash fans gave Capcom when it was revealed that the next Breath of Fire game was going to be a mobile game? Well after a long silence, Capcom has released new promotional assists for the game. First up is an anime trailer for the game that, from what I can see since there is no dialogue, give a bit of information about the story:




Capcom also released a couple of hi resolution screenshots of the game, which in my opinion look really good:




Fan has to as least give Capcom credit that BoF6 is a traditional RPG and not like a match three game or an endless runner. Breath of Fire 6 will have a Japanese release date of 2015 on iOS and Android devices.


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