Capcom launches Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G for iOS in Japan


For the most part I am over the fact that a Monster Hunter game will not be coming to the West for the Vita. Besides there are plenty of substitutes out there to play. But whenever Capcom announces that they’re bringing the series to a new platform, I get my hopes up just a bit to only see them get dashed again. Capcom is bringing Monster Hunter to a new platform: iOS. A port of the PSP Monster Hunter 2nd G has just made its way on to iOS devices in Japan. The game has been reconfigured to accommodate for the lack of physical inputs and the graphics have been upscaled. Here’s the launch trailer that show the game in action:






While I’m a bit annoyed that iOS devices get a Monster Hunter game before the Vita, the game looks and runs really good on iOS devices.¬†Monster Hunter 2nd G for iOS is out right now in Japan and I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually came over to North America.


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