Buddha’s Indie Game Showcase: Tango Fiesta

Welcome back to Buddha’s Indie Showcase. Sorry for being out so long, my sinuses decided that I needed to not breath so I was out sick for the past few days. I’m almost over it so I decided to showcase a game before my sinuses decide to wreck my nose more. Today’s game is Tango Fiesta, which sadly is not about a fiesta. Developed by UK developer Split Milk Studios, Tango Fiesta stars John Strong who tells tales of his glory days. His glory days also happen to be homages of famous 80’s action movies:



For more information about Tango Fiesta and Split Studios, check out their website at spiltmilkstudios.tumblr.com, their Steam store page, YouTube channel and their Facebook page. The game is out now for $12.99.


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