Buddha’s Indie Game Showcase: PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate

Welcome back to Buddha’s Indie Game Showcase. Today’s game comes from the superstar indie developer Q-Games. For those who do not know who Q-Games are, they are an indie developer located in Kyoto, Japan and are responsible for the PixelJunk franchise of games that are on Sony’s family of Playstation consoles. These range from PixelJunk Monster and Eden to 4am and the original PixelJunk Shooter. Lately Q-Games has been spreading out into the PC market and their second release on PC happens to be the game we are looking ar today, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate:




For more information about PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate  and Q-Games, check out their website at q-games.com, their Steam store page, YouTube channel and their Facebook page. The game is out now for $12.99.


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