Borderland 2 Vita bundle release date announced


During last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony revealed a new slimmer model of the Vita. While it wasn’t made clear at the time if the slimmer Vita would be making its way over to the West, a few months later they announced that the EU would be seeing the release of the Vita Slim before then end of 2013 and North America at a later date. That later date for NA has come.

In a blog post on the Official Playstation Blog, Gio Corsi, the director of Third Party Productions for SCEA, annouced the release dates for both the standalone version of Borderlands 2 Vita and the Vita Slim Bundle. But before we get into the details of each one, here’s the trailer that was released showing the game in action on the Vita:


Borderlands 2 Vita contains all of the action pack, gun looting, fun of the PS3 version and it comes packed with 6 DLC add ons; Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, the Psycho and Mechromancer Character Classes, the Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Upgrade Pack and the Collector’s Edition pack. The game also supports cross-save, so you can play on the go, save your game, and pick it back up when you get home on the PS3. As  for the Vita Bundle, it is packed with the brand new Slim Vita. It has an internal 1GB of internal memory for save files, an 8GB memory card and a copy of the Borderlands 2 Vita.

Now for release dates. Usually if there is a standalone and a bundle, they usally would release together, as seen with the Assassin’s Creed Liberation bundle. This time however they are getting separate releases. The Vita Bundle will be the first to come out on May 6 for $199.99, and the stand alone game will be out on May 13 for $39.99. If you have yet to buy into a Vita, I highly suggest buying this bundle.


Source: Playstation Blog


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