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Excuse our mess.

As the new year is officially underway, new changes are coming. One of those changes I mentioned in my 2013 year review post. I am taking the first steps in trying build up this blog. Now over the next few months, things will be changing a bit. Well the only things that will be changing is myself posting more often and I started a new You Tube channel with my younger brother called Striker Gaming Entertainment. Speaking of that here is out first video, I did all the research, pre-production and audio editing while my brother handled post production and video editing:

In addition to this weekly video series, right now I am brainstorming some other video ideas and steams. Speaking of streaming, I’m planing some type of stream scheduled that includes past games and the new release. Here’s an example: Lighting Returns is set to release on February 11 in North America. What I want to do is replay and stream both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 the weeks before the release. Which would mean that I would play and stream Final Fantasy XIII on February 1, two weeks before Lightning Returns and XIII-2 on February 11, a week before release. Or that’s the plan at least. For now please subscribe to the new channel and let me know what do you want to see in a gaming channel for 2014? 


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