Bandai Namco reveals Kajiu survival game City Shrouded in Shadows


In Kaiju movies and games, do you ever wonder what goes through the mind of the people that are in the middle of the disaster area. And by people, I don’t mean like the military of SDF/EDF. I mean regular everyday ordinary people. You see them running for their lives, running to cover, away from whatever monster is attacking, but you never get to know how they got there in the first place or what they were doing before everything goes down. Bandai Namco has those answers and more in┬áCity Shrouded in Shadows, a Kaiju survival game being developed for the PS4. Now not just any monsters are leveling the streets of Tokyo in the game, check out the trailer that was released to see some very recognizable monsters:



Ultra Man, the Angels and EVAs from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gamera, King Ghidora/Monster Zero and of course the King of All Monsters himself Godzilla, will be rampaging through the city. And from the looks of it, it seems that you might also have to avoid the yakuza and other humans that have decided to let loose since the law is busy trying to evacuate people and push back the monster threat. At least that’s what I managed to understand from the trailer, since its in Japanese.┬áCity Shrouded in Shadows is set for an October 19th release in Japan with no word if there will be a Western release.


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