Bandai Namco to release dungeon crawler Ray Giant May 2016



Much like the PSP before it, the Vita seems to be the go to system for an influx of JRPGs that are dungeon crawlers. The latest one the make the Vita its home is a game developed by Bandai Namco called Ray Gigant.



The game’s story goes as thus:

In a not so distant future Earth is being attack by creatures called Gigants. Each nation threw all of their forces at the Gigants in order to thwart their onslaught on Earth, but to no avail. But then it was discovered somewhere in Tokyo that a single boy by the name of Ichiya Amakaze had the power to destroy the Gigants. He used his power to defeat the Gigants and save Tokyo, but then after beating the last one, he lost control of his powers and accidentally destroyed the city he just saved. After losing conscious, Ichiya Amakaze was detained and sent somewhere safe.


The game will follow Ichiya and two other main characters, Kyle Griffin and Nil Phineus, as they team up to find away to once and for all defeat the Gigants while trying to discover what gave them their powers. Helping Bandai Namco in bringing over Ray Gigant is Acttil, who previously helped bring over the music game SUPERBEAT: XONiC. They recently release images from the game that shows off gameplay, character interactions and more in which you can view down below:



Ray Gigant is set for a May 2016 digital only release for the Vita and Playstation TV.


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