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One day I made a post on MySpace that I was thinking about getting into writing about video games. That’s when a local video game website contacted me and asked if I wanted to write for him. I said sure, sent him some samples and waited. Within a few days I was brought on as a writer/reviewer for the site. During my time at the site, I was able to gain a ton of experience and even got to cover events. The biggest event that I was able to cover in person was of course E3. I have attended the expo three times and each time felt just as exciting as the last. In 2014 I had started to feel restless, due to some statements said about me behind my back. While I did keep up my work for the site, I felt like I hit a wall. That’s when I started to write on my personal blog again, but on the side. I made sure that my work on my blog didn’t interfere with work that I did on the site. My editor didn’t see it that way and decided that it was best that I move on. I thanked him for all the opportunities that were given to me while I was there for the past seven years. I took a break for a bout a month and then in April I officially launched thegamingbuddha.com. Now that is has been a year and some change later, The Gaming Buddha is still here and doing alright. Sure there have been some bumps in the road and life altering events that have happened, but I am still just as dedicated to the site as I was three years ago

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