Atlus finally shows off new Persona 5 trailer

While games like Persona Q, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Persona 4 Dancing All Night will keep fans happy, many still remember the mysterious Persona 5 teaser that was shown at last years TGS. Since then there has been no mention of it save for various interview in several Japanese gaming magazines.  And even with those interviews the developers have been quite about it. At Sony’s pre-TGS conference Atlus finally gave some brief information about the game in the form of a brand new trailer showing off the new hero:




Ok so we really don’t much information about Persona 5. However we do know that the majority of  Persona staff are on board with the game. There was also the issue that Persona 5 would only be a PS3 game even though the PS4 was released. At the end of the trailer it was revealed that Persona 5 would also be coming to the PS4 and will be released in 2015. Seeing that the acquisition of Atlus by SEGA hasn’t anything, it’s safe to say that the West will be seeing Persona 5 sometime in 2015 as well. Expect more details about the game when TGS 2014 starts this month.


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