Aniplex to bring over Persona 3 movie this May


When the first Persona 3 movie trailers were released, Western fans of the game got excited and hope that eventually that the movie would make its way over to the West. Then Atlus was acquired by SEGA, fans questioned if the movie would come out due to SEGA now owning the beloved developer. Now that it has been announced that Atlus will continue to operate as is without interference from SEGA, Aniplex America has announced that they will be bringing over Shin Megami Tensei: Persona3 THE MOVIE #1 Spring of Birth. Here is a trailer that was released by Aniplex that shows the movie’s original trail, but now with English sub titles:


Shin Aniplex will release Megami Tensei: Persona3 THE MOVIE #1 Spring of Birth on Blue-ray May 20, 2014. But if you do not want to order through Aniplex, you can always order either the standard edition or the collector’s edition through rightstuff.com.


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