Aniplex and Anime Jungle to host Puella Magi Madoka Magica Meet and Greet Event

Let’s take a break from video games for a bit and talk about anime. More specifically magical girl anime, also known as mahou shoujo.
For those who are scratching their heads right about now, here’s a short explanation: mahou shoujo is an anime sub-genre where young girls are granted magical powers and are tasked to protect the world from some type of evil. A good example of this is Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura or the topic of today’s entry Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Aniplex and anime store Anime Jungle will be having a meet and greet with the cast of the English dub of Madoka Magica February 17, 2012. The meet and greet will take place at Anime Jungle #1 located at 319 E.s 2nd St. suite #103 in Little Tokyo, Los Angles. The following cast members of the show will be appearing at the event:
Christine Marie Cabanos (Madoka)
Carrie Keranen (Mami)
Cassandra Lee (Kyubey)
Lauren Landa (Kyoko)

At the event, fans will be able meet the cast of Madoka Magica and ask questions about the show and even get their box sets signed by them. So if you loved the series and are in the Little Tokyo area that weekend be sure to drop on by. Just be sure not to sign any contracts from a magical space bunny cat thing before hand.


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