Anime Expo 2015: Sword Art Online: Re:Hollow Fragment/Lost Song trailer

Whether you loved it or hate it, you can not deny how big and popular Sword Art Online was when it first aired back in 2012. Now three years later it seems that the fan base is just as strong as ever as they await a new season. To help ease that wait Bandai Namco released Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment for the Vita last year. During their JRPG panel at Anime Expo 2015, Bandai Namco had revealed that they will be porting Hollow Fragment to the PS4 as Sword Art Online Re:Hollow Fragment. They also revealed that they are currently working on a follow up to Hollow Fragment titled Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Here is the trailer of both games that were shown during the panel:



Sword Art Online: Re:Hollow Fragment is set for a July 28, 2015 release date, while Sword Art Online Lost Song will see a Fall 2015 release date. As of right now both games are exclusive to the PS4 and Vita.


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