PAX South 2015: Ad Magic interview with Shari Spiro

PAX is probably the only series of expos that also include traditional gaming (board, cards, dice etc) along side with video games. Thanks to crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo these games have become relevant once again and have even gone to influence modern society. But once a game gets Kickstarted, how do they get made? They go to a printer like Ad Magic. Ad Magic isn’t just any printer of board and card games they are the fastest and the most successful game printers in America. They are the ones that help bring Cards Against Humanity to the masses. At PAX South I had the great pleasure of talking to Ad Magic’s founder CEO and founder Shari Spiro. We talked about how Ad Magic was formed, how she got involved with Cards Against Humanity what’s next for Ad Magic and how bullshit was sent to CAH fans:





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