See how a cult in the 70’s functions in The Church of Darkness teaser trailer

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During the 60’s and 70’s there were many people who had not only lost their faith in their religion, but also have lost their faith and trust in the US government. War was raging on in Vietnam, the Civil Right movement was if full swing and the Cold War instigated a modern day witch hunt on people who didn’t share democratic views. Maybe with all that was going is why the world saw a rise in cults. While at first these cults offered a place a refugee for those who felt lost and alone, power can get to ones head and eventually a man or woman can be worshiped like a gods. We’ve seen all kind of cults depicted in video games, yet many of those deceptions were highly exaggerated for the shake of compelling storytelling. However it seems that there is one game in development that wants players to take a look inside at how a cult may have been operating behind closed doors and far away from the public eye. That game is called Church in the Darkness by Paranoid Productions. They recently released a teaser trailer of the game to set the mood. Let’s take a quick look and once its done, you’ll feel as if you have seen this somewhere before:



The Church in the Darkness, if it’s not obvious to some, was inspired by the real life events of Jonestown. The game takes place in a town deep in the jungles of South America called Freedom Town. Here its leaders Rebecca and Issac Walker have established a safe haven for themselves and their followers who feel like they are being persecuted by the American government. You are a former law enforcement officer who is trying to infiltrate the two to check up on your sister’s son. But as you try to blend in, things may not be as they seem and its up to you to make the call.  So far I love the idea of going inside the town and trying to uncover the truth  and decided if the people need to be save or left alone all the while trying not to get caught or get caught up in their doctrine. But the perspective has me a bit annoyed, I would have preferred either first person or third person over the shoulder view. But then again this is a tease of a game that is in very early alpha, so hopefully they’ll show how gameplay works withing the isometric view.


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