2013 in review

Well another year has flown by so quickly that it’s kind of hard to believe it’s 2014. So 2013, what has happened? For one I was an uncle again and now I have two baby nieces that I have to run around after. I didn’t get to cosplay due to the fact that most of my time went into helping my mom take care of said nieces. But then it wasn’t that big of a loss since I kept busy with promoting original-gamer.com at various cons. Speaking of the site, I went to E3 again for the site and this year’s expo was pretty good, both the actual event, the after parties and rec time we hand when not covering the show.

However I did get called out on not being of the best of shape. But the way I was called out on it was kind of an asshole way. See after E3 my editor messages my sister, telling her how things went. Then he went on to say that if I do not lose weight, that he is going to consider not taking me to any more out of state events (ie E3) again. Instead of telling me to my face, he went behind my back and told my sister. Now my sister does tend to make fun of me calling me fatty, piggy and other things of that nature, but I know she’s just playing around. But when she was told that, she wanted to cuss him out. So did my mom when she told her what he said. I’ve already been told that I snore (which is half true since when we do stay over night at a hotel, I’m usually still awake till about one or two in the morning and he’s been sleeping for two hours already). The fact that he went behind my back hurts a lot.It feels that he doesn’t really have respect for me, even after all the work I have put in to the site for the past four years Sure if he would have told me up front I would have been a bit hurt, but I would have just shrugged it off.

Now its 2014 and it’s time for some new goals. First off is to buckle down and actually lose some weight.Not just so that I can fit in my seat if I get to go to E3 this year, but for my own shake. In three years I will be 30 and around that time is when things like diabetes and other diseases start to kick in.  I don’t want to get to that age and find out that I have to be on insulin. I also want to lose weight as a big fuck you to my editor, who by the way is way bigger than I am.

My second goal is more of a long term goal. It took original-gamer.com about three years for the site to get invited to cover E3.  I want to either build up this blog or start a website and work my way into E3 representing myself. I think the difference between me starting my own site now and when original gamer started is that I already have been writing for almost five years. I have seen what it takes to run a site and I am familiar with what is needed. With that I think I have a slight lead against most people who try to upstart a gaming website for the first time. I also want to do more with You Tube, LPs, walkthroughs, maybe a podcast. I also will be streaming a whole lot more as well. If this happens, I’ll mostly move everything over to word press.

Wow this took a while eh? LoL. Anyways I hope everyone had a great holiday season and here’s to a great 2014!!


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