2012 recap and looking to the future of 2013

So its a brand new year. While 2012 wasn’t the most eventful year that I’ve had, with the exception of the birth of my second niece. I didn’t go to E3 last year, but it felt like it as I put up a large majority of trailers and news bits that whole week. This year was also the year of Japanese games for me for some reason. I didn’t mind though as most of the games I looked that were either really good or alright and needed work. I also helped out at two cons this year, which was really fun and hope to do again. All in all, 2012 was a great year. Now that 2013 is upon us I’d like to make a few changes to myself. For one, try to get more of my review turned in a timely matter. Though the majority of reviews I do are RPGs, I’d like to at least get them out and live on the site at least within the month that it was given to me. Second, and of course try to lose weight. Since I already have one niece running around, the other one is about to start crawling and running as well. I want to be able to at least keep up with them when my mom cant. Plus also I want to be able to fit into airplane chair when I go to E3 this year. Yup that’s right I’m going back and I am really excited to see products first hand and to hand out with some really cool people. Also something I’d like to do this year is cosplay for the first time. Right now its a toss up between War Machine and a suit of N7 armor from Mass Effect. For now its only the first week of 2013 so I’ll take it one step at a time and try to get my act together


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